Ball B-splines

Ball B-splines Ball B-splines can be used to model tube-like 3D surfaces or volumes. You can imagine them as a rubber hull over a sequence of marbles of variable diameter. The concept is almost identical to that of normal B-splines: a polynomial is fit to small segments of the complete curve. By combining multiple piecewise polynimials Read more about Ball B-splines[…]

Procedural Tree – Poisson Disk Sampling in 3D (C#)

This post will be about the first step in both Guiding Vector Tree and Space Colonialization algorithms. Both procedurally generate a tree structure by joining either randomly sampled points together or by summing over a randomly ampled set of attraction points. But the straight-forward approach

has some flaws. The most important one is the Read more about Procedural Tree – Poisson Disk Sampling in 3D (C#)[…]

Thesis done :-)

My doctoral thesis on Scanpath Comparison Algorithms is published, you can grab a free copy at or the compressed e-book version for online reading (with slightly less beautiful figures) at my university webpage.

Procedurally generated trees – quick overview

Recently I stumbled across the Procedural World Blog ( It has a nice post on how to generate trees algorithmically. They use the so-called Space Colonialization algorithm [1]. Basically, a large number of attraction-points is chosen randomly within the volume of the soon-to-be tree crown and each of these points excerts an influence on the Read more about Procedurally generated trees – quick overview[…]

Javascript Saliency Map Webservice

Saliency is a measure of how strong elements stand out from their surrounding. Highly salient objects are likely to attract an observer’s attention. These regions are usually viewed during the first fixations, within very few seconds or even milliseconds. Are you interested in what people will look at in your image/website/advertisement?