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I am observing the way people look at things. My research at the University of Tübingen (and formerly also at the University of Aalen) is about the process of visual exploration - by which we explore our surrounding, prepare our actions and reveal our intentions. My algorithms enrich the data recorded with an eye-tracking device and make it not only look fancy, but give us insight on the fundamental principles of human visual and cognitive behavior.
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Eye movement patterns

What do scanpaths tell us? How they differ between subjects, tasks and experience. And ho to do machine learning on eye-tracking data.

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Eye Tracking

Everyone can do eye-tracking in the lab. But how about real-world applications? How can we strengthen eye-tracking technology so that it works in naturalistic scenarios, with ambient light, eyeglasses, smudges and dirt on the lenses?

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Data quality

How good is your eye-tracker in terms of tracking rate but also in accuracy and precision? How can you tell? And what to do if the scenario does not allow for a more accurate recording?

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Data analysis beyond the heatmap. How do we make sense out of that huge pile of data? Is is actually useful at all?

Thomas C. Kübler

Education, career and interests

2017 – Today Postdoc at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Perception Engineering group. Innovation Grant Life-Sciences.

2012 – 2017 PhD student at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Perception Engineering group. Title of my thesis: "Algorithms for the Comparison of Visual Scan Patterns".
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2012 – 2016 PhD student at Aalen University
"Vision Research" group at the study course ophthalmic optics and at the "Aalen Mobility Perception and Exploration Lab".
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2010 – 2012 Master of Science (M.S.), Bioinformatics at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen
Title of my thesis: "A framework for the online recognition of assistance needs for drivers with visual field defects".

2007 – 2010 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bioinformatik at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen
Title of my thesis: "Entwurf und Implementierung eines Algorithmus zur Skotom-Klassifikation für automatische statische Perimetrie". (Design and implementation of an algorithm for visual field defect classification for automated, static perimetry)

  • Comparison of eye movement patterns. Aggregating gaze data to a cognitive and semantically meaningful level.

  • Algorithms and methods, devices and setups. How to do it and how not to.

  • Can I measure that? What's wrong with my data? Why doesn't this work as expected?

  • So, what is in my data? Visualization beyond the heatmap with focus on the narrative behind eye movement trajectories.

Selected Publications

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