My Work

I am observing the way people look at things. My research at the University of Tübingen (and formerly also at the University of Aalen) is about the process of visual exploration - by which we explore our surrounding, prepare our actions and reveal our intentions. My algorithms enrich the data recorded with an eye-tracking device and make it not only look fancy, but give us insight on the fundamental principles of human visual and cognitive behavior.
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Eye movement patterns

What do scanpaths tell us? How they differ between subjects, tasks and experience. And ho to do machine learning on eye-tracking data.

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Eye Tracking

Everyone can do eye-tracking in the lab. But how about real-world applications? How can we strengthen eye-tracking technology so that it works in naturalistic scenarios, with ambient light, eyeglasses, smudges and dirt on the lenses?

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Data quality

How good is your eye-tracker in terms of tracking rate but also in accuracy and precision? How can you tell? And what to do if the scenario does not allow for a more accurate recording?

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Data analysis beyond the heatmap. How do we make sense out of that huge pile of data? Is is actually useful at all?