Ball B-splines

Ball B-splines Ball B-splines are used to model tube-like 3D surfaces or volumes. You can imagine them as a rubber hull over a sequence of marbles of variable diameter. The concept is almost identical to that of normal B-splines: We fit a polynomial to small segments of the complete curve. By combining multiple piecewise polynimials we Read more about Ball B-splines[…]

Procedural Tree - Poisson Disk Sampling in 3D (C#)

This post will be about the first step in both Guiding Vector Tree and Space Colonialization algorithms: Poisson sampling. Both procedurally generate a tree structure by joining either randomly sampled points together or by summing over a randomly ampled set of attraction points. But the straight-forward approach

has some flaws. The most important one Read more about Procedural Tree - Poisson Disk Sampling in 3D (C#)[…]

Procedurally generated trees - quick overview

Recently I stumbled across the Procedural World Blog ( It has a nice post on how to generate trees algorithmically. They use the so-called Space Colonialization algorithm [1]. Basically, a large number of attraction-points is chosen randomly within the volume of the soon-to-be tree crown and each of these points excerts an influence on the Read more about Procedurally generated trees - quick overview[…]